Yo, Dude!

I cannot tell you how many conversations I’ve had with friends about how “lucky” I am to be able to do anything I want, when I want, with who I want.  I won’t lie, I like my freedom.  I don’t mind kayaking or hiking by myself, vacationing by myself, only answering to myself.  Since the … More Yo, Dude!

Breaking Free

When you’re not with the right person, relationships can be hard.  When they go wrong they can leave a mark and the mark it leaves may not be only on you. My parent’s divorce was messy and fueled by cheating, drugs, and alcohol.  My sister and I were pawns in their power struggle.  My vision … More Breaking Free

I Am.

Fitzgerald.  Dickinson.  Twain.  Dostoyevsky.  Plath.  Hemingway. Writers have tortured souls and these are some of the greats.  It’s the force behind a writer sitting down to spew out words on paper.   Pain begets literary brilliance.  A good story typically follows the twelve steps of the writer’s journey beginning in the ordinary world, calls to adventure, … More I Am.

Let the Light In

If you follow me on Pinterest you’ll see a multitude of corny quotes on happiness and positivity (and probably a lot of Star Wars jokes and chocolate red wine cupcake recipes, too).   I am one of those people that loves, that NEEDS to have these good, happy, the glass is half full kind of words … More Let the Light In

The Art of Arguing

Once upon a time I was a mouthy, punk kid with a lot to say.  If I had an opinion, I’d voice it.  If I didn’t like you, I’d tell you.  If you made me mad, trust me you knew.  Everyone knew!  I know you’re sitting back saying, “And….this has changed…how???”  It has!!  (You’re not … More The Art of Arguing

Three Words <3

Three words alone can make us feel wonderful. “I love you”. In just a few days we have a whole day dedicated to celebrating our love.  Flowers, chocolates, diamonds, wine (and if your sweetheart isn’t into wine, lemme know….I’ll send you my delivery address). Does one day of spoiling your significant other make up for … More Three Words ❤