Roots and Trees

A friend of mine posted an article on Facebook today about trees.  It got my attention, because ….well, I like trees!  I have always had a fascination with them.  Two out of three of my tattoos are trees.  One line in the article, a quote, really grabbed me.

“A tree can only be as strong as the forest that surrounds it.”   (from The Hidden Life of Trees by Peter Wohlleben)

The quote made me think back to the days following my mother’s death.  After a week of funeral preparations and events I took one more day off to compose myself before returning to work.  I brought my camera and lunch and spent the day in the woods hiking and just being by myself, the trees my only companions.

When I got home that night I downloaded the pictures from my camera and have never looked at them again. My friend’s article prompted me to dig them out of the archives and do some editing.  I wrote a poem that day too, but have been unable to find it unfortunately.  If my (slightly starting to fade) memory serves me correctly it was about how some roots dive deep into the Earth to steady the tree while others hover at its surface to feed its soul.  I went into the woods that day feeling as though my world was shaken at the death of my mother.  I came out knowing that she was still deep in my roots, steadying me as I venture on in this journey of life.

Today’s post is a little different, instead of sharing my words (or a lot of words anyway), I am sharing what I saw, what I felt, what was caring for me that day.

I am and will always be a believer that trees are more than just bark and leaves and there are days, many days, that I prefer their company.  I am finding more and more that our world has gotten hateful and rude and we have forgotten how to be kind and care for one another.

Let our deep roots remind us of what we have come from,have  gone through, and have yet to journey.

I hope you enjoy the photos.













17 thoughts on “Roots and Trees

  1. You mention that a tree is only as strong as the forest it grows in. In the same way we are only as strong as the family, friends and community members that support us, celebrate with us and mourn with us. They directly influence who we are as a person.


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