The Art of Arguing

Once upon a time I was a mouthy, punk kid with a lot to say.  If I had an opinion, I’d voice it.  If I didn’t like you, I’d tell you.  If you made me mad, trust me you knew.  Everyone knew!  I know you’re sitting back saying, “And….this has changed…how???”  It has!!  (You’re not … More The Art of Arguing

Three Words <3

Three words alone can make us feel wonderful. “I love you”. In just a few days we have a whole day dedicated to celebrating our love.  Flowers, chocolates, diamonds, wine (and if your sweetheart isn’t into wine, lemme know….I’ll send you my delivery address). Does one day of spoiling your significant other make up for … More Three Words ❤

Snow Day Magic!

February 7, 1978. The one we still talk about today.  The Blizzard of ’78.  I wish I could remember exactly what I was doing that day or even that I remember it being “the big one”.  I was 7.  Every storm seemed big and snowbanks towered over my head.  And snow days were magical.   That … More Snow Day Magic!

Roots and Trees

A friend of mine posted an article on Facebook today about trees.  It got my attention, because ….well, I like trees!  I have always had a fascination with them.  Two out of three of my tattoos are trees.  One line in the article, a quote, really grabbed me. “A tree can only be as strong … More Roots and Trees

Luck, Fate, Divine Intervention. (Or whatever you want to call it…)

I’ve lived in the same community for ten years.  My children spent a combined 8 years at the local high school.  During this time I have gotten to know its people and after moving back “home” to Massachusetts for a brief six months, I came back here to this little New Hampshire town because I … More Luck, Fate, Divine Intervention. (Or whatever you want to call it…)