Oh, Snap!

I have anxiety.  Not right at this moment, but it’s something that sometimes sneaks up on me and tosses a plastic bag over my head and holds it tight until I can’t breathe.  I hate these moments. I feel weak and I hate that I let my guard down and let them sneak in. It … More Oh, Snap!

January Thaw

Winter.  Spring.  Summer.  Fall. The seasons alone didn’t do justice even to the Gilmore Girls.  It skipped the details and left questions unanswered.  They came to an end and left us wondering about so many things. WAIT……..What did we miss?  What’s next?  NOOOO……you can’t end this way?!?! Childhood.  The teenage years.  Adulthood.  Senior life. The … More January Thaw

Glory Days

There’s nothing like the sound of needle on vinyl crackling out your favorite tunes from days gone by.  I gave up my record player along with all of the records I had acquired in the early 80’s to make way for my boom box and hoard of cassette tapes that filled a cardboard box on … More Glory Days