A New Hope

A few years ago we experienced a particularly frigid winter here in New Hampshire.  The kind of cold that makes your face hurt and your children actually wear coats to school without being nagged.  Temperatures were in the double digits below zero for several nights in a row and day times barely reached zero.  My … More A New Hope

What is Love? <3

This is a time of year that people tend to mistake material things for love. This line of thinking has, was, and always will irritate me and has been a big part of why I have never really been gung-ho about Christmas.  Out of necessity when my kids were younger their Christmas  gifts were usually … More What is Love? ❤


I’ve had a hard time writing the last couple weeks.  Between being busy with work and trying to write something a little lighter than I have recently I’ve been avoiding it much more successfully than I have the leftover pie from Thanksgiving.  When I started my blog part of my vision was to poke some … More #whosyourtucker