The Story the Wind Told

petition began circulating about a week ago amongst the alumni of my Alma Mater, Turners Falls High School. Our mascot is and always has been the Indian and I was not surprised that the controversy of whether this was offensive or not had finally hit home. Although my account is fictionalized it is based on an event that occurred on May 18, 1676 when about 300 Pocumtuck men, women, and children were massacred at the site of Peskeompscut (the great falls) by Captain William Turner and 160 mounted troops in retaliation of the theft of one cow from a farmer’s field during the span of Metacom’s War. … More The Story the Wind Told

Reality Check

There is nothing like a life-altering event to get you questioning yourself.  Who am I?  What do I want to do with my life?  Why won’t Kenny Chesney propose to me and put an end to this year and a half long single streak?  For me, life altering events seem to be the norm.  They’ve … More Reality Check